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Judeo-Christian Prophetic Poem #1

The world looks for peace

Not knowing the Son

He's hidden from them

So there is no peace

The people of God

Will desert the palaces

They put trust in themselves

Making them their own gods

They will think, "We will achieve!"

Not knowing what is coming

But darkness is coming

It will cover the Earth

And the stars shall fade

And a mist will appear

And the moon will go red

And the sun blot out

And the world will rejoice

Saying, "Look what we did!"

Then the beast will scatter the proud

They will all say, "Look, I have done it!"

Not having any wisdom to speak of

They will be a powerful people

They will believe there is nothing hidden

The love of many will grow cold

But they will not know any love or light

They will think they are building bridges

Only building up their own destruction

They store up jars of wrath for themselves

They will fear the light they don't know

The wisdom of the world will be brought to ruin

Their god is technology; Their will is to dominate

They do not love God; they do not know God

For they will think that love is beneath them

They conspire, bribe, and have evil plans

They seek vengeance on the earth

And they have a fierce tongue

Their wisdom is profanity and blaspheme

Then, out of the darkness comes a light

Not a light to shine, but to destroy

The fire that comes will burn everything

Their desolation will be anguish

They'll cry out and God will not hear them

Then out of the rocks will come the people of God

A triumphant display of power in the world

No longer sheep, the people of God overcome

They have become the warriors of Christ's army

They will put down the wickedness and evil schemes

But for this purpose, the Lord came

For this purpose, He is coming again

Christ died for the sins of the whole world

And the whole world will not escape judgment

And the faithful will reign with Christ

The husk of the earth

Inherited by the sons of God

The waste of the world is theirs

God's chosen people's dwelling

Glorifying the Son

And the unrighteous shall perish

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