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I Just Want Your Heart

I fall and again I fall

I want the cycle to end

Left in hopeless misery

I fall again and again

How to get out of the pit?

How do I transcend my sin?

How do I pick myself up?

How to get elevated?

Time passes and time escapes

I have been lulled back to sleep

Like turning on the TV

And not seeing the time pass

I look and I see something grand

The image of my savior

He holds me near and I stay close

The sin doesn't show my heart

I'm still stuck in misery

Can't use a shovel out the hole

"Please, Lord Jesus, do something"

He looks at me tenderly

"Just keep serving me," he says

"I just want to please you," I say

Time passes and time escapes

Continuing to praise Jesus

"I just want your heart," He tells me

"I just want Your heart," I tell him

"Just try hard. That's what I want."

"I would do anything for You."

Like a breath of fresh air

He tells me He's there

He needs not perfection

Just the dedication

This is my Jesus

This is my Lord

He strengthens the weak

And makes a way

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