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February is Black History Month

The subject of racism is still alive and well in this country, much to my chagrin. And I am sure that in 20 years, it will be something else about the next race debate. Deplorable...

Now, I have a few black friends. But most of the people I know are white. Some of my own family members are even somewhat racist. And there are of course degrees of racism. Someone can be fine with an Uncle Tom and not like black culture. Or they can actually hate people just for the color of their skin. Someone I know very well worked an inner-city job for over 30 years. He has seen who has committed the most crimes and who knows how to work the system and who is a good and upstanding person. It does not take that much brain power to figure things out like if you see them every day for 6 weeks. This person said that 90% of the problems came from African Americans. Why would he say that? Because they did not pay their fair share. Because they came up with excuses all the time. Because they took advantage of the system and the people who run the system do not really care that the system is being taken advantage of. But this is where the issue gets very very complex. I do not pretend that I know all the details of it. What I can say is that the government does in some very real sense not care about and even encourages black people to be impoverished. Why? So they get their vote. The black people are being used in a scheme so that the rich selfish white people remain in power.

What I have noticed is that many black people will make the right choice if you give them a choice. They are not evil because they are black. I've seen several times when one black person encouraged another black person to attack me in one way or another (several examples come to my mind). But in all cases, the person did not do the bad thing. They very well could have attacked me, but they didn't. In many cases, black people, just like white people, just want to live their lives and go along to get along. They are not fundamentally different from white people or any other race. Do they talk differently? Walk differently? Wear different things? Yes, but these things are completely superficial to who the real person actually is. Many black people will do fine if you just give them a chance. But they are conditioned by the media and the government that they have to hate white people and have to commit crimes to make ends meet. This is what they are told 24/7. Is it any wonder why so many black people end up in prison when the message you hear every day is that you have to be a bad person to succeed? There's a degree of rage I feel towards the people that use and abuse others like this. It's not right. I feel like Apostel Paul felt when some people were telling Gentiles they had to circumcise themselves to be Christian even though they were Gentiles and he said, "I wish they would mutilate themselves!" That sounds harsh, but it is antithetical to Christianity to force people to do things that aren't for everyone. Christians should be peace-loving people who just want the best for everyone. Yes, Christians believe there is only One Way to salvation. But I am certainly not one of those people who believe in forced conversion or anything even close to it (again to my chagrin as that has happened in the past). And as such I am not someone who says that black people have to walk, talk, act, and dress like white people.

The problem gets obfuscated even more when you have rich white liberals saying things to both black and white people that they cannot help but be racist. It makes me sick to my stomach! Yes, some people are not racist. Is it really that hard to believe this? It just makes me reflect on the great friendship I have with someone from my apartment complex who is black. We get along well. And he is one of the most "hood" guys I have ever met. He always makes jokes with me. And I don't have to lie to him to keep him happy or anything. He comes to the Bible study I lead here. The point is, while initially, it might seem like I should be racist towards him, or whatever, according to the woke left, I genuinely like the guy. He's been through a lot given how he grew up. But he's a good guy. He's not always asking for a handout. He even has his own side business that he does fixing electronic stuff. That's a skill he had to learn because he had to do something to put food on the table (and as an interest, I'm sure). He was just telling us today that he and his mom had to go pick cans up off the ground to get a little money from scrap metal just so he could survive. And look at him! He's willing to do that rather than go rob a place! That's character, I don't care what anybody says.

So what is the point of all of this? The point is that people are still people disregarding their ethnicity or any kind of what they look like, dress like, walk or talk like, or anything else. Oftentimes you just have to give people a chance. When you do that--when you give people the benefit of the doubt, and say, "Hey, look. I know you have been pressured to do the wrong thing, but you don't have to do the wrong thing; You can do the right thing instead," well, you would be surprised how many people are just looking for an excuse to do the right thing. So get it out of your head that African Americans are bad people. Many of them just need the opportunity to do the right thing and they will be perfectly fine with you and with society. And to the government who wants to keep them under their thumb so they keep voting for them, shame on you! You are responsible for countless evils because you want to tell African Americans that the only way they can get ahead is by breaking the law. Not everyone is a racist! Some people are not and just because you rich white liberals can only see the color of someone's skin, doesn't mean that some of us can't see we are all made of the same stuff.

That's it for this one!

God bless you! Until Next time!

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